UVC Torch +

torch+ use in any healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, laboratory, or research setting

The TORCH+ is an easy-to-use, powerful disinfection system designed for use in any healthcare, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, laboratory, or research setting. It is used to provide a rapid and highly effective method to disinfect surfaces, components, and common touch points to reduce the transfer of dangerous pathogens.

The TORCH+ contains eight high powered UV-C lamps to provide quick disinfection times. It’s low power consumption allows it to plug into any standard wall outlet. The TORCH+ produces an efficient UVC output of 12 mJ/minute (200 μw/cm2) to get a calculated 99% reduction of MRSA in 10 seconds. A 99% reduction of spores like Clostridium difficile can be achieved in 5 minutes within a distance of 10 feet. A recent study shows that traditional UV systems such as the TORCH+ provide similar results as expensive Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Light Systems.

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The TORCH+ is loaded with features to make it simple to use and manage. Disinfection cycles can be controled based on time or accumulated UV dosage using the integrated UV sensor. The Torch+ comes with an iPadTM to use for operation and remote monitoring. Data recording and management is easy and efficient as well, with data stored on the iPadTM and emailed to a supervisor at the end of every cycle. Integrated motion sensors provide 360o coverage of the surrounding area to abort the cycle if motion is detected.


High UV Output

LowPower Consumption

IntegratedUV Dosage Sensor

RemoteCycle Monitoring and Control

Data Management

IntegratedMotion Sensors


TORCH+ Operations Video