UV-C Light Decontamination Services

UV-C light Decontamination Services

RMP Safety Services Inc. is the one of the only companies that provides an effective disinfecting / decontamination services that destroy the COVID-19 virus in its place. We deliver our accurate Chlorine Dioxide Gas Concentration and a UV-C light technology that is a proven process to decontaminate and disinfect hard to reach places where deadly viruses and spores live.

uv-c light
decontamination services

RMP Safety Services Inc. offers high-powered UV-C lamps provide quick disinfection times. They plug into standard wall outlets and produce an efficient UV-C output of 10 mJ/minute (180 μw/cm2) to get a calculated 99% reduction of harmful organisms in seconds and spores in minutes.

The UV-C Light is controlled via iPad and incorporates data logging of Parameters, UV Dosage, Operator Name, Room Number, as well as Time and Date. Run records are automatically emailed for documentation of the disinfection process as part of your Contamination Control program.

The UV-C Light system is designed to be so economical that multiple units are affordable enough to place into a room at the same time to eliminate shadow areas and maximize coverage for the most thorough disinfection process

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