Chlorine Dioxide Fogging Disinfection Services

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RMP Safety Services Inc. is the one of the only companies that provides an effective disinfecting / decontamination services that destroy the COVID-19 virus in its place. We deliver our accurate Chlorine Dioxide Gas Concentration and a UV-C light technology that is a proven process to decontaminate and disinfect hard to reach places where deadly viruses and spores live.

chlorine dioxide
fogging disenfection services

RMP Safety Services Inc. provides disinfection fogging services with liquid chlorine dioxide. Liquid chlorine dioxide is sprayed onto surfaces using a handheld fogger. Handheld foggers are used, so a trained technician is able to reach more surfaces than a stationary fogger by opening drawers, cabinets and enclosures and changing the angle of application in order to minimize shadow areas which are not being contacted. Liquid chlorine dioxide is applied at concentrations capable of eliminating all viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores.

benefits of chlorine dioxide gas fogging