Industry Applications

industry application
Chlorine dioxide gas can be utilized for a multitude of applications in a variety of industries. Chlorine dioxide gas is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature, and is not subject to dew-point or condensation issues making it a versatile decontamination agent and allowing it to stay effective in all typess of environments, including both ambient and vacuum pressure applications. Browse the industries to the left for a sampling of all the applications in which chlorine dioxide can provide solutions.


the cd gas advantage

Only gaseous agents offer effective decontamination against life threatening organisms in non-ideal settings. These are the only agents that are truly effective in areas that are difficult to reach such as floor drains, HVAC grills, beneath furniture and components, inside of cabinets, hinges, instruments and components, and microscopic cracks and crevices. Chlorine dioxide gas is non-carcinogenic, residue-free, and safer on materials than bleach, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and common liquid chlorine dioxide solutions.