Cannabis Grow facility

Cannabis grow facility

During the Marijuana growing process, mold can occur at any point but when it does, it can wreak havoc on your entire crop, and therefore your profits. Mold prevention and remediation are practices that are essential to a successful grower. Before plants enter the growing room, it is key that measures are taken to ensure no mold spores are present that can result in them finding their way to the crop. This can be done to 100% effectiveness through chlorine dioxide gas decontamination of an entire facility. Visit our What is Chlorine Dioxide Gas? page to learn more about the technology and our process. A quick, chemical-free, highly effective method of disinfection can be implemented through ultraviolet light.

Chlorine Dioxide will kill harmful organisms and spores within minutes. By utilizing chlorine dioxide in cannabis growth facilities, it eliminates mold and most spores without causing death to the cannabis seed

Seeds may also be carriers for mold spores and pose risk for further mold issues. Seeds can be gassed by chlorine dioxide to kill spores without causing death to the cannabis seed

To destroy this risk, we utilize chlorine dioxide gas to eliminate these deadly spores that can affect your crop

In the drying phase, an ultraviolet light chamber can be utilized for buds to be placed in and kill and spores still present or that may be newly formed.

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